Serial  1771 

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Elevator Parking air-conditioning
The Nof HaMoshava complex is being developed by the Di Veroli Group, which specializes in the highest quality construction of prestigious residences. This project has the rare advantage of being located in one of the best locations in Jerusalem – the upscale and trendy German Colony neighborhood, favored by foreigners. This area is coveted not only because of its ideal location, close to the city center and to many popular destinations, but also because of its pleasant atmosphere and beautiful architecture. There are many shops and cultural attractions in the neighborhood, as well as parks and convenient public transportation. The German Colony is home to a mixed population of native and foreign-born Israelis, observant as well as secular, who value the area’s high quality of life and the magical atmosphere that can only be found in Jerusalem. New apartments with gardens and panoramic views Nof HaMoshava is a TAMA 38/1 project, which entails the renovation of an older building and reinforcing the structure against earthquakes. In this case, the original building is being completely revamped: all the infrastructure is being replaced, a new stone façade is being installed and, most importantly, a total of 14 new apartments are being added. In fact, two more floors have been built above the original four, and lovely garden apartments were added on the ground floor. The apartments on the two top floors boast spacious balconies with panoramic views of Jerusalem. Some 3, 4 and 5-room apartments are still available.